Don Williams in Ireland CD


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Don Williams in Ireland CD

If anyone ever needed proof that music is an international language, then they need to look no further than Don Williams. Don picks his songs with all the skills of a class winemaker picking grapes – only the best will do, and the vintage results, as fans around the world all know, is just about the best blend of emotions the heart could ask for.

Don William’s music is the stuff of experience. Like a fine wine, as Don has matured then the songs have even deeper emotional resonance. This is a man who has lived life, who knows the depth of feeling and emotion ordinary people are capable of, not only in Texas, but in all the other places where his straightforward simplicity has made its mark – Brazil, Britain, Ireland, Africa, Australia, Finland, Norway and many more.

  1. Good Ole Boys Like Me
  2. Some Broken Hearts Never Mend
  3. Lay Down Beside Me
  4. Younger Days
  5. She Never Knew Me
  6. Elise
  7. How Did You Do It
  8. From Now On
  9. If Hollywood Don’t Need You
  10. Till The Rivers All Run Dry
  11. It Must Be Love
  12. I Believe In You
  13. Imagine That
  14. Tulsa Time
  15.  Amanda
  16. You’re My Best Friend
  17. Lord I Hope This Day Is Good
  18. I Recall A Gypsy Woman
  19. Louisiana Saturday Night